Edward “Eddie” Valdez - Twenty-two - Dave Franco - OPEN.


Eddie was born in Chicago, in one of the worse parts of town. His parents didn’t care about him.  The few family members he had refused to help him out of his unlucky life, so he figured he should just embrace it rather than trying to get out of it.  He could disappear for days at a time, which he usually did, and no one ever noticed. He met with a group of people who did drugs every night and joined them, and he began not really caring for school. He spent his days and nights with this crowd, not realizing how dangerous they were.

One night a party had gotten a little out of hand and guns were pulled out. There were two rivals were at the party, each were ready to shoot. One of them put the gun in Eddie’s hand, and him, being high of out his mind, didn’t even know how to work it. The other person had to put his hand over Eddie’s to shoot, killing the other person. The courts found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and at age 12 he was jailed. Once he had gotten out of prison, he immediately sobered up and moved away.


Eddie is now very quiet and vague. He makes up lies about his past. The lie he usually tells people on why he moved here is because his dad got transferred, even though he doesn’t even know who his real dad is. He doesn’t reveal a lot of things about himself, but he doesn’t care; he prefers to stay mysterious. At even the slightest mention of plans of alcohol or drugs, he opts out. He says he just isn’t into the substances, but he fears another night like the night in Chicago again.

He also fears that someone will find out about his past and judge him for it. He gets frustrated with his parents because they still don’t care about him, but now he knows how to take care of himself. He’s never first to approach someone and it takes a lot to get a conversation out of him. He’s very cautious with people, and he can be a pushover with them, often agreeing with whatever they say to please them, regardless of whether he believes in it or not.

What do you want to get out from this trip?

“The idea of getting on the road is nice. I don’t like staying in one place for too long.”


None on the bus.

  • Mysterious (-)
  • Sober (+)
  • Pushover (-)
  • Independent (+)
  • Secretive (-)
  • Cautious (+)